Reasons Why Your Leads Aren’t Working

You placed ads all over Google, you bought leads by the thousands from a service, you even had a sales letter sent to a big opt-in list. Then you couldn’t believe it when nothing much happened.

Your site probably got a LOT of hits, but nobody bought anything. How could that happen?

Experts have been arguing over that one for years. If you had that experience, you’re not alone. Adsense, opt-in, and purchased leads often deliver poor results. Why?

Most often the reason is these leads aren’t NEARLY as powerful as leads you build yourself.

Send out an article like this one, get people to read your good information, then come to you as warm leads — and you’ll have a HOT lead that WILL buy something. What’s the difference?

The prospect read your information, got to know and trust you, then came to your sales information. At this point, the prospect has created a mental bond with you and your ability to help them achieve their goal. This lead, gathered with YOUR lead building system, is FAR more prepared to buy than any other kind of lead.

Don’t believe me? Look who is making good money online year, after year, after year. It’s people who have a big weekly newsletter, have sites filled with good information, spend a lot of time talking with prospects on the telephone, offer an e-book, or send repeated autoresponder messages.

These methods all build a RELATIONSHIP with the prospect, making them 20 times more likely to buy. While Adsense might get you thousands of hits, building your OWN leads can get prospects who will actually BUY something.

“But I can’t write an article and don’t like to talk to prospects on the phone,” you say. No problem. Today there are lead building systems that pull in huge numbers of prospects, then use advanced Flash web movies to convert the best of these prospects into hot, pre-sold leads.

These systems are the new cutting-edge of online marketing. They have become so highly developed and easy to use that thousands of people just like you are earning big commissions non-stop with them.

It’s not at all unusual to set the lead building system in place, then watch the sales stack up at $1,000 per pop.

Clearly, building your own leads, then using an advanced Flash selling system is the easy way to profits these days. Don’t pass up this marketing method for your business.

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