Technology Enabled Business

Hyperdizital is smart in developing technologies to take your business online and manage it through online platforms.

Business Intelligence Technology and Ai Tools will be consulted and employed under the management of Experienced Professionals and Subject Matter Experts from different Industries, Functions, and Business Domains to provide appropriate solutions to Businesses.

We have ‘Ready to Use’ and ‘Customizable Technology Products’ that can be used specifically for Business Domains and Functions. These technology products are 100% customizable as per your business requirements, policies, and practices.

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Let’s develop the technology as per the right purpose and fair usage of your business requirements.

The Technology system will be created after considering all your business structures, functioning, processes, practices, and policies, thus incorporating everything onto the technology to work as a True Technology Enabled Business.

Business and Technology are synonyms very well associated, so deploying and using appropriate technology and AI Tools is an important and critical decision to be taken by Business Management. Business Intelligence Technology and Tools will be consulted and employed under the management of experienced professionals and Subject Matter Experts from different Industries, Functions, and Business Domains to provide appropriate solutions to Businesses.

We Don't Make 'TECHNOLOGY', we make 'THE TECHNOLOGY'

HyperDizital has delivered Technologies in combination with multiple platforms and languages.


A Feasible Carrier

The provided app will help you to keep a record of the progress and will let you get in touch with our service staff easily.


Anytime and Anywhere

You can access the on-going situation through the reports uploaded by our side anytime and from anywhere.


Through the Air

The cloud based service helps the lender and the clients to transfer and save all the data through this fastest delivering system which you can access anytime.

Online <> Offline

Power of Saving

All the new sheets and progress reports will be immediately saved online even when a minor change is made on the offline tool. And Vice Versa.


Machine + Technology

Through an exclusive use of unique technological algorithm, machines will be learned to record the important usages and will implement  to the client’s digital project.

Ai Tools

Human Machine

AI tools will help to learn from various experiences, performed tasks and new inputs after discoveries which will eventually add up to the betterment in client service.

Customizing the Required

Easy Edit

Clients can easily participate in the on-going project with ideas, feedbacks, or changes by customising the data according to their need

ERP Integration

All in One

All the departments and tools can be found under one ERP Integrating system.

Forms, Tools, Functions, Apps

It will consist of all the necessary documents required to be filled and updated for further operations and agreements.


A software interface that connect programs to offer a service such as UPI Payment Gateway.


Clients can easily seek support on any query or issue with the support staff through the chat feature.


Meetings and conferences about on-going progress and new updates can be carried out via One-On-One Video Calls.


Clients can send and receive emails within the application or websites for more simpler and flexible approach.


Ai and Bi powered system where all the important documents are lead into a proper indexing format with a scan copy.


This feature allows anyone from any end to change and update the necessary documents on an open domain.


Tons of such features will be available in order to make the whole process more easy-to-use.


Technology Should be created to tackle the Business Problems or/and to Facilitate the Business requirements. HyperDizital works closely with its clients to understand the Business Problems, Requirements, and Propose to Develop Appropriate Technology for the Business. We call the same as 'The Technology' for creating for your Business.

HyperDizital not merely focuses on your discussed Business issues and requirements to create 'The Technology' but additionally facilitates the Business Operation Technology Consultation Services to bring the Latest Industry Trends, practices, and standards.


HyperDizital is not just another Website, App, Digital Marketing Company. HyperDizital has tested an excellent Technology Development and Service Delivery System makes it unique and innovative. We believe in delivering 100% of what is agreed and committed. But Service delivery defines in one line we merely do not deliver services we delivery values

Why HyperDizital

16 Years Experience | > 1500 Clients | > 300 Professionals


HyperDizital possesses capability to create high-end and latest technologies based upon various platforms, coding languages, and databases


16+ years of experience in Business Consultation and Developing Technology systems


We are expertises in developing appropriate technologies and tools for the Business to operate efficient Marketing, eCommerce, eServices and Business Operations


HyperDizital has gained excellent knowledge in its 16+ years experience to create the Appropriate Technology for your business


Our Team always work towards Innovation to bring in the best technology at your service

Pool of Talents

We have Pool of talents of Engineers, Business Domain Experts, Subject Matter Experts who will participate to create the Right Technology Platform


HyperDizital facilitate excellent Technological Development and Service Delivery resource with best in-class Infra

Tech & Tools

HyperDizital has multiple Technology Platforms and Tools developed to incorporate into your accepted service. We have PRIME and SPOC system to report on the status and for the progress of the projects

System Driven

The Entire Technology Delivery Service is full-fledged system driven without depending on just one person


HyperDizital believes in delivering value in terms of services

Pricing and Payment Options

HyperDizital provides ‘Value for Money’ pricing and multiple payment options

SLA, SOPs, Reportings, Matrix

We do a frequent follow up on the set of SOPs, NDA, Security, Ethics while delivering the services

Projects & Case Studies

HyperDizital helps all businesses not only reach but exceed their goals. Our experience helps us lay out a strategy that perfectly fits our clients. This collaboration is essential for the successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action. Learn about some of our past projects below, and get in touch to see what we can do for you.


How do you customize your services for niche companies?
HyperDizital Consulting and Services are 100% customizable as per the requirements of the Company. We have a pool of professionals and subject matter experts from different functions and business domains. These professionals work closely with the Companies to assess and ascertain the consulting and services requirements. The specific consulting and service implementation plans and process gets developed for the Company for the expected outcome

The service delivery process can be started with our FREE Introductory Assessment Meeting and Consulting.
The Entire process run through the following sequential steps:
1. Introductory Meetings
2. Job Assessment and Creation of the Job Sheet
3. Assigning a dedicated team of Professionals and SPOC for the Project
4. Creating Client in our Project Interactive and Monitoring System/App
5. Consulting and Service Delivery in Progress
6. Progress Review and Feedback Meeting
7. Final Service Delivery
8. Support System for lifetime

We have dedicated ‘Project Review, Interaction, and Monitoring Ecosystem’ – PRIME™ WebApp and Mobile App for the Clients. The Project details like Job Sheet, Teams, Timeline, Progress Reports, Meetings, etc can be managed, interact, reviewed by the client through this system. Client Can communicate their queries, feedback, suggestions, and inputs about the projects through this interactive platform. The Project SPOC and Lead will communicate with concluding reports and data to the client within the stipulated timeline

HyperDizital works with clients for their Growth; thus, the expected outcome and value creation is by default is assured. Our Consulting and Service Delivery Process start with assessing the requirements of the Company/Client; in the process of job assessment we also understand the ‘budget-to be allocate’, ‘Result Expected’, and ‘Value to be Created’. Thus, our system, technology, and services will be always rank better in ‘Value for Money’ assessments.

After Buying the Services, A dedicated Customer Relationship Executive will coordinate with you with 30 Minutes and Guide You through our Online System to submit your business details, images and others. You will also have to complete the Basic Business Documents like GST, PAN, etc.

Invoicing: You can download the invoices instant after buying the services from our online system. Also, you will get the invoices through email in your registered email ID.
Payment Confirmation: You will get the payment confirmation email
Cancellations: You can cancel your order within 60 Minutes of booking the services. However, after proper business enrolment and works started you will not be allowed to cancel the services.
Refund: In case order has been cancelled within 60 Minutes you will get full refund without any deductions.
Transfer: You can also transfer your services ordered to another business within 1 working days after the enrolment has been done.”

Your work will start within 30 minutes after your order is successful.

There are different TAT to complete different services the work completion will range from two working days to certain days depends on types of services you bought. Dizital Startup set-up will be completed within 3 working days including website development. The Team will share all the details to you through email. You can also check the timeline, status, progress etc. online by login in to our system.

Yes, you can ask for changes number of times. However, we suggest to connect through telephone or video call and fix the project details, contents, color schemes, logos, images types etc. at initial level. Our team of professionals will help you to finalize the contents, logo, colors etc.

Changes will be done within 1 hour to 7 working days depends on the volume of changes suggested/requested

You can ask to change the designs, contents, images many number of times. However, most of the changes does not happened more than 3 t 5 times per year

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