TikTok overtakes Google In One of the world’s strongest domain shifts

The greatest competition runs between stalwart companies. They also possess the most famous domains. As per Wikipedia, a Domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control within the Internet. In simple terms, a Domain is a unique identity created or purchased to represent a company.

Some of the most popular domains in the ascending order starting with WhatsApp (a social messaging space) goes up to Facebook (a social networking site) belonging to the third most popular domain position. The middle range also includes Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, and Twitter.

But the top two positions are bagged by Google in second place and TikTok on the first. It has overtaken a consistent power. The reason for the rise is the United States President JOE BIDEN. He signed an executive order reversing the ban that was stamped on TikTok by the former President DONALD TRUMP over fears of data release to China.

TikTok is a popular social networking software owned by ByteDance that allows it’s user to record, share, and watch 15-second video clips using their smartphones. Even after being an app, it has managed to stand in a ‘.com’ region with restricted popularity by a few countries, including India.

According to the rankings from web security firm Cloudflare, Google is no longer the most popular domain in the world, having been dethroned by TikTok. The most popular domain list is part of Cloudflare’s Year in Review report, and it shows which domain has seen the biggest traffic growth from one year to the next. Google.com, which includes popular Maps and News, among other services, was ranked first in Cloudflare’s rankings last year while TikTok was at the seventh position during that time.

Recently Cloudflare also talked about TikTok’s fall and rise journey where TikTok was seen on top for only one day in 2017. Then around March, it came back up for a longer time but after August 10 it hasn’t lost. Although Google kept peeking in the first place at rare events, TikTok still dominated the rank until now with the most winning days.

This does not rule out the popularity of Google or other famous companies. Their presence remains the same. In fact, it remains larger than TikTok. This only means that TikTok.com received more traffic than any other domain for a certain period of time. It also denies the assumption that TikTok has more users than its competitors. It still lags behind Google, Facebook, and Instagram in terms of global usage.

Among the e-commerce sites, Amazon topped and was followed by Taobao, eBay, and Walmart.

The video streaming platforms were dominated by Netflix, YouTube, HBOMax, and Twitch.

But with a growing percentage of viewership and acceptance, TikTok is leading the market in the top 5 charts.

Sad for the Indian market that TikTok is banned in the country but if the case would have been different, it might have played a very important role for the country’s social media marketing strategy.

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