EMI with skip option (if purchased before lockdown then pay one month after lockdown over)


If a service is purchased during lockdown on EMI (pay first instalment and later after the one month lockdown)


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HyperDizital Services are Covidproof

The Covid-19 Virus has taken over the world for more than 2 years now.

At times it has stopped the world from moving. And there is no sign of completely destroying it anytime soon. But as humans, we have never stopped fighting it. Our work goes on and so do our races.

One such race which wouldn’t get affected is Digital Marketing. Many online businesses have risen to unexpected levels during the lockdown and other offline businesses have switched to online for profit margins. We urge you to start preparing for this battle for the sake of your business. Because we at HyperDizital are not taking a break!


Our aim is to make you big even in the Lockdown. So stay home, work with us, and grow faster.

A Ready Business Plan

Before another variant of the Covid-19 virus welcomes another lockdown in the world, make sure you have an already set business plan. If not, join our Digital Start-up service and we will help you out with an immersive and long-lasting strategy.

Before Lockdown Preparations

Do not consider the lockdown as a closed shutter for the online market. It will keep growing. So keep working on your business ideas and continue setting up your brand. If you are stuck anywhere and need a helping help to grow your business even during the lockdown, HyperDizital might be your best option.

Strategizing with HyperDizital

As you decide to grow your digital empire and join HyperDizital, you will be helped in many aspects like web development, website creation, SEO application, logo designing, digital portfolio with e-cards, social media implications, and guaranteed growth with expert marketing strategies.

During Lockdown Implementation

Lockdown does not mean we won’t meet you. HyperDizital offers video meetings for timely updates and a cheerful chat. Working effectively from home and still completing the promised task is one of our specialities. When other businesses are worrying to grow during the lockdown, you’ll be already on top with HyperDizital.


*EMI options available for all. If the lockdown commences, EMI will be skipped until the lockdown re-opens. The same EMI rate will continue onwards with increased number of months.
If a service is bought on EMI after the commencement of lockdown, pay first instalment and later remains the same as above.*




Per Month
  • Offers Web Management
  • Online Engagement
  • Digital e-Cards
  • Social Media Marketing
  • and much more
Digital Startup


Per Month
  • Offers Deep Data Analysis
  • Ai and Bi Powered Ad Programs
  • Ad Customisation
  • End-to-End Campaigns
  • Maximum Gain Push
  • Blogging
  • Creatives
Ad Marketing


Per Month
  • Offers Deep Data Analysis
  • Ai and Bi Powered Ad Programs
  • Ad Customisation
  • End-to-End Campaigns
  • Maximum Gain Push
Custom System


Per Month
  • Offers Sales Checks
  • Marketing, Operations
  • Customised Tools
  • Video Training
  • Unique Technologies
  • and many other sub-packages


Marketing SPOC


Per Month
  • Offers End-to-End Daily Marketing Activities
  • Online/Offline Marketing
  • Expert Opinions
  • Reports, Tools
  • Digital Stationery
  • Blogging
  • Creatives
COVID Wouldn’t Infect your Money

Customized Prices/-

Per Month
  • Offers Engagement Programs
  • Digital Programs
  • Data Analysis and Management
  • Professional Support
  • Growth Specific Programs
  • and much more

HyperDizital has always focused on growth. And no barrier has been successful to stop it. We keep growing with improvements and client support. By bringing unique technologies to the market, we believe in changing the face of Digital Marketing one day. Sounds like a better plan than COVID’s?

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