5 Points Aiming at the Future of Technology

Ai, also known as Artificial Intelligence is a prime talk of the town right now. Recently, Facebook changed Meta introduced the technology in their upcoming services.

Generally, Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to any technology that tries to replicate human intellect in a machine, such as facial recognition, speech recognition, and robots. But in Digital Marketing is a subset of machine learning that creates or develops algorithms which in return respond to changes in the environment.

In easy terms, with smart computer algorithms, machine learning is initiated to learn a pattern of work and fed information and use it to make the tasks simpler and more effective.

Bi, also known as Business Intelligence refers to the procedures and technologies used to evaluate company data, transform it into actionable insights, and assist everyone in an organization make better-informed decisions.

Sometimes it is also known as DSS (Decision Support System) or Descriptive Analyses that analyses current and historical data and presents the results in simple reports, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps that can be shared across the organization.

When both Ai & Bi comes together into a single system they create a very dependable and result-oriented service base. There is no need of feeding extra data as it collects all the historical data and performs further tasks just like a human brain. The scope of development is a lot but this is just the start.

Below are five points why we think Ai & Bi will be the future of Marketing Technology:

  • Chatbots

With increasing networking, we have experienced a boost in chatting. Social chatting sites like Whatsapp and Telegram are the most popular.


Nowadays business websites have started integrating the Chatbot feature which lets you directly connect with their staff through a Website or Application. With this ability to connect with customers and create a personalized purchasing experience, chatbots have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many facets of the customer support experience, including social media, email, and text messaging, have been combined with chatbots.


Increasing Ai is surely going to add polished and smarter algorithms to this feature that may reply talk with the customer like a real-life person. They might even perform the tasks of understanding human emotions, replying humorously, and simplifying your work with automatic clicks.


  • Personalizing Power

For years, machines have been gathering data about consumers. This information can be used to personalize adverts and communications with customers which can be scheduled to reach them on a dedicated time.


Facebook Advertising is the most well-known example of this. They employ powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver adverts in a variety of ways that are more tailored to your target demographic. Who knows one day the machine creates an entire blog of content with just a click?


Web Applications and Websites can be custom-made just like you want. They can carry work logic according to your comfort and might perform tasks in your absence as scheduled.


But despite the great impact that artificial intelligence and machine learning can have on the marketing industry, marketers must consider some concerns.


  • Performance Tracking

Business Intelligence is looking forward to taking performance tracking to a large scale.


Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), measure progress against targets and establish alerts with BI dashboards to determine where and when to focus improvement initiatives.


Performance tracking might also include regular upgradation of the running campaigns which wouldn’t need to be checked again and again by the developer or the active participant.


  • Social Media Monitoring

Both Ai and Bi systems can help in this process. But Bi tools with the majority.


Dashboards for social media monitoring and analytics can be created using BI tools. Such dashboards allow the company to track sales, product quality, and crisis management, as well as gain insight into customer sentiment.


With BI Tools for Digital Marketing, you can utilize your data to drive dialogues. When data from many sources is combined, it can provide insights that aren’t attainable with segregated data.


  • Mixture of Both

The mixture of both these technologies can prove to be the next massive innovation in the human era.


It will advantage us with Analysing Traffic much clearly, Preparing Data without errors, Data Visualising with more imagination power, Identifying and Setting benchmarks at large scales, and whatnot.


It’s not limited and neither impossible. The days aren’t far when one order would complete all your tasks.


With concerns that this technology could eventually replace marketing experts, there will always be a need for the “human touch.” In fact, AI will initially collaborate with marketing specialists, which may be viewed as a significant plus. Let’s use it wisely. It’s better until we have control.

But anyways one thing is certain: if marketing professionals want to flourish in the future, they will need to become well-versed in this new technology.

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