What is Moment Marketing? 5 steps to develop your plan.

Moment Marketing

Moment’s marketing is the ability to take advantage of ongoing events and create communications and marketing materials for those events. This is used by brands to insert themselves into the ongoing conversations that bring relevance to how they market.

The main advantage of instant marketing is that it allows your ad campaigns to appear at the correct time.    Because you show your ads to marketers who are engaged and actively seeking products/services like yours, your ads are more likely to lead to conversions. These include orders, purchases, calls, shop visits, and more.

So, what makes moment marketing work?

Two things,

Customers are already part of the 24/7 information cycle, due to the immediacy and richness of the content available today upon request. Brands want to fit into their users’ daily conversations and as people talk about trends, the use of those trends automatically eliminates the speculative work of brands.

People are always plugged in and just a few taps away from finding and forwarding the latest content, be it a meme, a viral video, a social media post or a tweet. In fact, half of YouTube subscribers aged 18 to 34 say they would give up everything they did to watch a new video on their favorite channel. 

How to get started with moment marketing?

Consider what kind of search terms will bring you, high-quality shoppers. For example, say you’re the owner of a digital marketing agency and you’re trying to identify keywords that businesses can look for when they’re looking to outsource their digital marketing.

Here, you might choose to bid on keywords such as “best digital marketing agency” rather than “digital marketing 101”. Those looking for the first keyword are further into the buyer’s journey, which means they are more likely to convert as a customer. Once you have an idea of the right keywords to focus on, use these tips to plan your moment marketing strategy:

  1. Find a geographic location to target.

First, determine what geographic region you should concentrate on using Google Trends. Just type your selected keyword into Google Trends, and the tool will show you the volume of people searching for that keyword by country, state, or city.

For instance, let’s say you have an online store selling fishing gear. You can search “fishing” on Google Trends, and see if Meghalaya, Goa, Kerala, Nagaland, or some other sub-region shows the largest search volume.

  1. Optimize your content.

To attract buyers to the right place, at the right time, ensure you keep your specific copy location. Here’s an example: if someone living in New Delhi is in need of an emergency plumber, they’re more likely to click on an ad that says “Emergency Plumbers New Delhi” rather than “Emergency Plumbers”.

  1. Automate your ads

Automated bidding takes all the guesswork out of running your ads, and lets you run your campaign with an auction strategy most suited to your goal. On Google Ads, you can choose from six different purposes, including “Increase site visits”, “Get more conversions”, and more. Simply select the target that best matches what you want to achieve, and our algorithms will take care of the rest.

  1. Think outside the search engine box

Instead of only launching ads in a specific format, try experimenting with different kinds of ads. For example, if you own a brick-and-mortar store, you can run local search ads on Google Maps. By using these ads, you can show your location on the map and show your company directions, making it easy for prospective customers to visit you. Alternatively, try running video ads on YouTube, or showing ads on websites.

  1. Measure your results

To measure the outcomes of your instant marketing campaign, use Google Analytics, which gives you information on:

Who goes to your website?

How they found your website?

Which pages they’re looking at?

How long they’re on each page?

Creating a compelling Google Ad campaign is only half of it – the other is consistently monitoring your results, to ensure that your budget is being used as effectively as possible.

What activities they performed on your website

What was their bouncing place/area?

Whether it’s the Amul girl’s sense of humor and the way she gets away with everything with her wide-eyed innocence, twirly red polka dress, and stinging wit, or Zomato’s tribute when Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement, or Netflix’s gripping, grilling, and grasping reaction to almost everything, brands are making a real-time connection with customers through moment marketing these days. Because customers are always searching for a specific trend or piece of news on social media, their odds of being discovered have increased, as well as their likelihood of being remembered.

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