Search Insights Makes YouTube Keyword Research Easier


A new insights tool for YouTube Studio is in the works, and it will provide information on what people are searching for in the app, both in regard to your channel and content in particular and with respect to more general search queries.

Each of these elements has the potential to be highly valuable to your content strategy. It is still in beta testing, but it will eventually be available under your Analytics/Research tab, with two different tabs for query research and a search insights section.

The first tab will offer a list of what your channel users are searching for on YouTube — in other words, it will provide insights into what individuals who regularly view your material are also searching for on the video-sharing website.

You’ll also note the ‘Content Gap’ label, which indicates that YouTube is working on introducing the option to filter these listings based on search queries that don’t provide a large number of results. Because these inquiries will be highlighted, artists will be able to concentrate on developing material that corresponds with searches that are not presently being serviced by the videos available in the app, potentially opening up new chances for your efforts.

In a similar vein to Google’s Search Console and Google Trends, it could prove to be a very beneficial tool in providing you with more insight into what is driving your YouTube channel traffic and how you can optimize your content efforts to coincide with these trends. It is, however, not yet in use or operable. Video sharing website YouTube is now testing the new feature, with a larger rollout expected shortly.

For YouTube marketers, this is definitely one to look forward to.


YouTube Search Insights will display two important metrics:
Search Volume

The search volume of a specific keyword on YouTube.

It is divided into two categories:

Views for your channel range from high to medium to low.
This metric displays the number of views your channel received for a specific search term in the previous 28 days.

Why did YouTube launch the Search Insights feature?
According to YouTube’s official statement, the company received a large amount of feedback from YouTube Creators who wanted to learn more about what their platform’s viewers are looking for. According to content creators, this will allow them to create more meaningful content for their audience.

“We also heard that creator want to know what their audiences are looking for because it will help them create more relevant content and content that resonates with the audience’s and viewers’ interests.” So, with this experiment, with this launch, we will now give creators the ability to see parts of what has been searched in the last 20 days,” said Alina Verbenchuk, product lead at YouTube.

The Big Idea

This is fantastic news for YouTube content creators because it will give them more insight into search terms and what their subscribers are looking for. This will allow them to create content based on user interests and connect with their audience more effectively. It will also be beneficial to YouTube Keyword Research.

“While the feature is in an experimental phase, we’d love to hear your feedback and we’ll keep you updated as access to it expands,” YouTube said.

Please let us know what you think of YouTube’s new Search Insights tool in the comments section below.

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